Welcome to curious’s documentation!

curious is a Python 3.6+ library to interact with the Discord API

Advantages of Curious

  • High-level; abstractions are provided at every layer for ease of use
  • Fast; curious can load your bot and begin processing in a matter of seconds
  • Safe; curious validates your data client-side, preventing using up ratelimits on bogus requests
  • Powerful; curious exposes every layer of interaction with the Discord API for your usage
  • async; Based on top off the curio or trio libraries for a pleasant async experience.
  • Stable; curious-based bots can stay up for months on end without reboots, memory leaks or

other such issues.


Curious is available on PyPI under discord-curious:

$ pip install -U discord-curious

Or for the latest development version:

$ pip install -U git+https://github.com/Fuyukai/curious.git#egg=curious

It is recommended you use a better


Examples for how to use the library are available at https://github.com/Fuyukai/curious/tree/master/examples.

API Documentation

The documentation below is automatically generated from the docstrings.


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